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Advice from Baba Yaga - cover image



Baba Yaga

Baba has been gone for ten years, but her wisdom lives on, and it has guided Lissa through every crisis in her life—until now.

Because nothing she learned from her beloved grandmother can help Lissa unravel the mystery of Baba herself.


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Sisters of the Sari

Sisters of the Sari - cover image

Kiria has big plans to improve Santoshi’s life. There’s only one problem…Santoshi doesn’t want her life improved.

Amid the cultural confusion of modern India, these two determined women will change each others lives, and the lives of those around them.

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The Elusive Mr. McCoy

The Elusive Mr. McCoy - cover image


Lesley and Kendra are two very different women who believe they are married to two very different men.

Turns out they’re not.

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The Author

Some people are born to write; others have writing thrust upon them.

I fall into the second category.


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